Galvanized Coating Guide

Zinc coating weight complies with the following minimum values as International Standard
EN ISO 1461 : 1999(E).



Minimum average coating weight for any individual test area

Steel articles which are not centrifuged 6mm (0.236 in) thickness and over 610 g/mē (85um)
Under 6mm (0.236 in) but not less than 3mm (0.1182 in) 505 g/mē (70um)
Under 3mm (0.1182 in) but not less than 1.5mm (0.059 in) 395 g/mē (55um)
Under 1.5mm (0.059 in) 325 g/mē (45um)
Grey malleable iron casting 6mm (0.236 in) thickness and over 575 g/mē (80um)
Under 6mm (0.236 in) 505 g/mē (70um)
Threaded work and others articles which are centrifuged 20mm in diameter and over 395 g/mē (55um)
6mm and over to 20mm in diameter 305 g/mē (45um)
Under 6mm in diameter 180 g/mē (25um)

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